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Gdańsk T   O   U   R   S      F   O   R      Y   O   U  ! Kashubia land
In the central part of Europe, In Poland, near the Baltic Sea is located beautiful region full of nature and history – Pomerania. The main city  - Gdańsk is capital of culture and tradition and symbol of freedom. You can also discover many interesting monuments and take a rest on nice beaches in Gdańsk. Sopot and Gdynia are charming cities connected to Gdańsk. Both are full of attractions for tourists as a wooden pier and magic cliffs.

The north part of Poland is also a region of lakes and hills – Kashubia. Tours in the Kashubia area are a big adventure for everyone, who loves amazing views, old traditions and delicious food.

In Pomerania every historic lover will find some interesting places like Castle in Malbork, Stuthoff camp or Three Crosses Monument and Westerplatte in Gdańsk.

Castle in Malbork was built in characteristic and unique style of Teutonic Order and now is the most popular monastery near Gdańsk.

Stuthoff camp tour is possibility to know more about tragic history connected to Second World War.

Poland with me organizes tours for individual tourists and groups - Gdansk Tours, Gdynia Tours, Castle Malbork Tours and many other places in Pomerania region.
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Sopot Castle in Malbork
Gdynia Moving dunes in Łeba

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